Brett HendricksonBorder Medicine: A Transcultural History of Mexican American Curanderismo

New York University Press, 2014

by Hillary Kaell on September 17, 2015

Brett Hendrickson

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Mexican American religious healing – often called curanderismo – is a vital component of life in the US-Mexican borderlands. In his book Border Medicine: A Transcultural History of Mexican American Curanderismo (New York University Press, 2014) – Brett Hendrickson tracks healers going back to the nineteenth century and even before. He argues that these healing practices were never only Mexican American nor were they a sign of an inability to develop modern bio-medicine. They have in fact been shaped in a transcultural context where ideas about metaphysical healing and the efficacy of gifted individuals circulated among Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Anglo-American settlers. Each population has contributed to the development and growing popularity of folk curanderismo.

Brett Hendrickson is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

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