Rita Denny and Patricia SunderlandHandbook of Anthropology in Business

Left Coast Press, 2014

by Astrid Countee on January 16, 2015

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Rita Denny and Patricia Sunderland's book Handbook of Anthropology in Business (Left Coast Press, 2014) is a groundbreaking collection of essays all related to Business Anthropology. As with all interdisciplinary subjects, business anthropology has been infiltrated by other social scientists, designers and marketers. Denny and Sunderland made sure to also include those perspectives among the 60 plus authors that are featured in the handbook. This is a great reference for any anthropologist in practice, and an interesting read about the ways in which anthropology is adapting and changing. Questions about how to present anthropological findings and conduct fieldwork in a business setting are analyzed through the lenses of the academic discipline and the industry, If you have any interest in practicing anthropology, conducting ethnography, or anthropological research methods in business, this is a must have reference for your shelf.

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