Pedro OliveiraPeople-Centered Innovation: Becoming a Practitioner in Innovation Research

Biblio Publishing, 2013

by Astrid Willis Countee on December 25, 2013

Pedro Oliveira

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Pedro Oliveira provides a fascinating glimpse into his transition from academia into consultancy, with a guide for those like minded to boot. People-Centered Innovation: Becoming a Practitioner in Innovation Research (Biblio Publishing, 2013) chronicles Oliveira’s journey from his work as a clinical psychologist in Portugal, to becoming an anthropologist in the UK, and moving into the world of business and innovation. Written for a general audience, this book is a mix of case studies, theory for practitioners, and autobiographical information that shows how to apply work in the social sciences to the problems facing businesses today. This is a great read for anyone interested in psychology and anthropology, as well as how business and innovation is changing due to the influence of the humanistic sciences.

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